Dubai's Best Jazz & Blue's Bar - The Blue Bar, Novotel Hotel

Tucked away in the ground floor of Novotel Hotel, a little off the buzzing Sheikh Zayed Road is the opulent Blue Bar. It’s one of those perfect places to immerse yourself in soul captivating jazz music, in the accompaniment of premium cocktail on one hand and a lit cigar on the other.

The Ambiance
With plush sofas and chic interiors, Blue Bar is every bit as luxe as you’d expect a bar in Dubai’s business district to be. That withstanding the fact that it is generally not a place to see, or be seen, but rather a place to quietly slip onto a sofa and tune off to some live entertainment and a glass of perfectly mixed cocktail.

Blue bar features live entertainment 4 days a week with different genres played out from Tuesday through Friday. The performances include Veronica’s vintage jazz on Tuesdays, Accoustic Jazz from Kamal Musallam on Wednesdays, Oriental beats from Libanista Talal & The Band on Thursdays, and Alternative beats from the Big Chill Music Unlimited troupe on Fridays.


Jones The Grocer - A Review

Jones the grocer is situated in the ground level of the iconic Dusit Thani hotel and serves an impressive and delicious array of food and drinks. I was there to review the place and indeed had an unforgettable evening enjoying some of their fresh cut meats and peppy drinks. 

About Jones The Grocer

A haven of all things beneficial from the land down under. Jones the Grocer aims to tickle the fancy of food enthusiasts with natural ingredients culled from different parts of the globe. Since 1996, the Australian-based café provides customers a gourmet experience that promises innovation to the ever evolving café scene. From tea leaves, to cheeses, to coffee beans, Jones the Grocer welcomes guests to a contemporary artisan café 24/7.

The Service
We were served by an attendant named Micheal from the African Subcontinent. His service was impressive and he also helped us in making the informed choices based on our individual taste preferences. The other waiters too were prompt and personable.


Are you feeling Kebabish today? Then this is where you need to go!

After hearing positive reviews about Kebabish from a few friends, me and my dining partner decided to check it last week. We were treated to some delicious Indian meat preparations, kebabs and grills.
Kebabish has been around in business for two years now and very popular in the food delivery scene in Business Bay where it is located. A simple and unassuming place with a delicious array of food and juices, Kebabish is a nice option for those that live around the Bay side of town.

According to Prajith the Owner of Kebabish, the delivery side of the business has been their forte ever since they launched, with a lot of working professionals around the region ordering on a daily basis. The restaurant is especially popular among Indian professionals that work in close-by towers as well as the visitors of the M Hotel tower.

The Food.

On arrival we were treated to a bowl of hot and spicy vegetable soup. A perfect treat for the cold winters night, it was bursting with flavours.

The Main cours…

View by Dusit – The restaurant with a million-dollar view

"Even the tallest tower in the world does not have this view" - View By Dusit

The iconic Dusit Thani hotel is a hard to miss  structure in Sheikh Zayed Road. Created with the inspiration of "wai" - a widely used Thai gesture, it is a gorgeous work of art in concrete and glass.

Dusit Thani Hotel is also famously known for offering jaw-dropping views of Dubai’s alluring skyline and therefore a favorite among tourists and locals alike.

Now, this award-winning 5 star hotel has stepped up its offering one level further by launching View- a gorgeous new outdoor terrace with an impressive array of food & drinks, shisha and unparalleled views of the iconic Burj Khalifa.

The Ambiance

View is slowly becoming one of the coolest nightspots for the fashionable 30-somethings., because of the stunning nighttime views, reasonable pricing, as well as the intimate and romantic milieu.
I spoke to Leony Calalo - the Assistant Outlet Manager. Here's what she had to say

Mood-lit ta…

Cactus Jack's - Serving Authentic Mexican Fare with Flair!

I am a huge fan of Mexican food. Well, honestly who doesn't enjoy a good plate full of fiery and delectable Mexican fare??!

Authentic Mexican cuisine is vibrant, delicious, fresh and fun. It is also known to be spicy, with the usage of an amazing array of chilies and herbs, very much like the Indian food.

But, more than the generous use of spices, there are a lot more similarities between Indian and Mexican cuisine that makes it so irresistible. It is the unique amalgamation of spices, seasonings and vibrant colors – that make the fare look appealing and taste as appetizing as it looks.

So, needless to mention, when I got an invitation to review Cactus Jack’s the Award-wining Mexican Restaurant at the Millennium Airport Hotel, I jumped on the opportunity. All set to celebrate its 16th Anniversary tomorrow (30th Jan) , Cactus Jack’s is a Latino hot spot frequented both by locals and expats alike. It is known famously for its frozen margaritas, mojitos and specialty fajitas.

My Visi…

Wagamama: Bringing South East Asia's Best Flavors to Dubai's Iconic Mall

Acclaimed global Japanese food chain wagamama is opening its flagship restaurant at one of the most iconic malls in the region - The Dubai Mall. Launching today 31st January 2018 at the Lower Atrium level in the ground floor, this outlet would bring the total number of wagamama locations across UAE to 5.

I was very delighted to attend the official preview event last night along with host of food bloggers and other invited guests. We were treated to some of the restaurant's finest and most popular signature delicacies.

This is the first wagamama restaurant in the UAE to feature the same interior design as London’s flagship branch in Covent Gardens, with a modern interior featuring sleek mirrors and communal tables.

Seating and Decor
Comfortably seating 156 guests and spanning over 4000 square feet the restaurant also boasts an outdoor terrace.

Wagamama's spacious interiors offers umpteen seating options: bar-style tall stools (placed facing the glass outside the live co…

SpiceKlub - Dubai's Most Affordable Indian Molecular Gastronomy Restaurant

Long gone are the days when a visit to an Indian restaurant meant having to eat the customary vegetarian thali, or the boring dhal and roti. A couple of progressive Indian restaurants are transforming the food landscape, giving familiar tastes an exciting new twist with clever molecular fusions, and Instagram-worthy presentation styles. Effortlessly marrying local flavours with international techniques, restaurants like SpiceKlub,TresInd, Jodhpur, and Farzi Cafe have made “Progressive Indian” become the culinary trend du jour in Dubai.

If you are a connoisseur of Molecular Gastronomy, chances are that you’ve already eaten at, or at least heard of Quattro – the highly-acclaimed Mexican-Italian restaurant in the Bur Dubai side of town. SpiceKlub is its equally competent Indian Sibling located right next door that is taking contemporary Indian fusion cuisine to new heights. Though SpiceKlub in Dubai is only a year old - the brand has been successfully running its operations across sever…